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Transactions involving transfer of funds between the Account and accounts of the Client and/or third parties held within the Bank and/or with other Banks can only be accepted if the necessary arrangements have been established by the bank. Such fund transfer transactions shall wherever practicable be processed on the same or otherwise on the next Bank Business Day at the discretion of the Bank. The Client is solely responsible for ensuring correct instructions (including transferee details) are given. The bank shall have no responsibility to verify any information contained in such instructions. The Bank shall be entitled from time to time to determine and impose any limit whether in amount, frequency of use or otherwise on the use of the funds transfer services. Whenever the client requests to effect a telegraphic transfer [TT] or an interbank transfer through RTGS [Real Time Gross Settlement], through any channel or means offered by the Bank at any time from time to time, the following terms shall apply unless otherwise specified:

  • The Bank reserves the right to effect an instruction as TT or RTGS according to its routing arrangement.
  • In the absence of specific instructions to the contrary, Bank at its discretion will effect the remittance in any currency.
  • While the Bank will endeavour to give effect to the client requests regarding charges relating to remittance transactions, the client understands that the Bank only has discretion regarding its own charges. Wherever the client has requested to pay overseas charges or other bank's charges, the Bank will communicate such requests but whether the beneficiary can receive the full amount of the remittance will depend on the practice adopted by the correspondence bank and/or beneficiary bank involved which is beyond the Bank's control and the Bank cannot be held responsible or liable for the same.
  • Applications received by the Bank by the cut-off times as stipulated by the Bank from time to time may not be processed on the same day. Also, processing of the applications will be subject to the availability of the relevant services, including(but not limited to) the availability of clearing system of the currency and country of the correspondent and/or destination banks,
  • The Bank is not responsible to the advice the client of any exchange control or similar restriction which may be imposed by the local laws or regulations in the country in which payment is to be effected and shall not be liable for any loss or delay as a result of the payment being subject to such control and restriction.

The remitter agrees to fully indemnify the Bank against any loss, liability, claim or expense (including legal fees on an indemnity) howsoever arising that the Bank may incur in connection with any delay in or being unable to effect a remittance owing to an event beyond the Bank's control or in connection with assisting the remitter to recall, or as a result of the Bank failing or being unable to recall the remittance for any reason. Further the Bank shall not be liable to refund the monies to the client until the same is received by the Bank. The refund amount would only be to the extent received by the Bank. The remitter by opting for a remittance/ tele-transmission through the Bank, irrevocably and unconditionally consents for the Bank and any officer of the Bank to disclose any client information relating to the client or any information whatsoever relating to the client to any person to whom disclosure is permitted or required by any statutory provision or law, Banking regulations or guidelines or to any other person wherever situated for any purpose whatsoever and it is hereby agreed that the Bank and any office of the Bank may disclose the foregoing information to the fullest extent permitted or any other statutory provision or law, Banking regulation or guidelines. Without prejudice to the foregoing, the client consents to such disclosure to any other Bank, financial institution or corporation, including without limitation any intermediary or beneficiary Bank for the purpose of or in connection with a remittance, and to the disclosure by such third party institution to any other third party institution for the purpose of or in connection with such remittance. This remittance is subject to the compliance by the Bank of relevant Anti Money Laundering ("AML") legislation and applicable guidelines of the Bank in relation to such legislation. The Bank shall be entitled to disclose any information and documents which the Bank considers reasonably necessary for the purpose of compliance with any AML legislation or Guidelines imposed by or applicable to the Bank.

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