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KYC (Know Your Customer) Information For Customers Intending To Open Bank Accounts With Us

The objective of obtaining KYC information is to enable the Bank to have positive identification of its customers. This is also in the interest of customers to safeguard their hard earned money.

The KYC guidelines mandate banks to collect from their customers.

  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of address

Our KYC procedure specifies certain commonly available documents as proof of personal identification and address proof, so as to not cause inconvenience to those intending to open bank accounts in our Bank.

Our Branch officials at the Account Opening Desk will be able to provide guidance regarding the different types of documents acceptable for opening any account.

We request your kind co-operation in providing the required documents for opening new accounts to enable us to adhere to the KYC policy.

What is KYC?
Why does the Bank ask you for proof of your identity and address?
Are KYC requirements new?
Is KYC mandatory?
When does KYC apply?
Who is your contact point in the Bank for KYC purposes?
What is Money Laundering?
What has this got to do with opening bank accounts?
How could this affect you as a customer?
What proof of identity will you need?
What will happen if you do not provide the required KYC information / documents to the Bank?
If you are a small depositor, would you still have to go through the stringent KYC requirements?
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